Our Shih Tzu's


So-So as we call him is hands down the funniest dog we have ever owned. His hair is sooo fluffy and he always has a 'i just rolled out of bed' look to him. He is truly the most caring and passionate dog in our home. He loves to be flipped to his back, belly rubbed and just loved. If you stop the belly rubbing too soon he is sure to take a soft paw and lay it on your face.

Bella Rose

Bella is our nosey girl. She has to be in the middle of every cuddle, snuggle, hug and kiss. When we call for one of the other dogs Bella is always sure to come running infront of them.  


Little Beebs, where do i start? She is hilarious.  She is over the moon about her toys and when not snoozing away on the desk while working, she is cuddled in your lap soaking up all the loving she can get. She has a beautiful fluffy coat like Sopher and we look forward to their little in a few months.